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The core of the Architecture Development Method – ADM

The diagram below displays the core of the TOGAF Architecture Development Method otherwise known as the TOGAF ADM. The TOGAF ADM provides a step by step approach to Enterprise Architecture

TOGAF Architecture Development Method

It is important to understand that TOGAF consists of six different components – The six components are:

  1. The TOGAF ADM (As shown above)
  2. An Architecture Content Framework – This framework is used to model the work products that will form the architecture. The Architecture Content Framework contains artifacts, deliverables and the building blocks (Otherwise known as Architecture Building Blocks or ABBs) that the deliverables will represent.
  3. Techniques and guidelines that are able to be used by an organisation when following the Architecture Development Method process.
  4. The Architecture Capability Framework that can be used to define roles, skills, responsibilities and other reference and guideline materials needed to create and operate an Enterprise Architecture within an organisation
  5. The Enterprise Continuum – A model that provides a way for an organisation to structure an Architecture Repository. The Enterprise Continuum also provides a way for classifying solution and architecture artifacts.
  6. The TOGAF library – The TOGAF library is a supporting reference library that contains templates, guidelines and other reference material to help expedite the creation of Enterprise Architectures.