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The Preliminary Phase

The main objective of the preliminary phase is to provide the definition of how an organisation will develop its architecture. A key objective within the Preliminary Phase is to get the buy-in of all the relevant stakeholders.

Other objectives within the Preliminary Phase are:

  • Developing an “Architecture Footprint” which consists of the people who will be performing the architectural work, their specific responsibilities and their location.
  • Defining and understanding the scope and any assumptions that are being made
  • Define the method and any frameworks that will be utilised throughout the ADM
  • Confirmation of any support framework that will be used and also to confirm a governance
  • Selection and implementation of any supporting tools that may be used
  • Define any architecture principles that may limit the architecture work.

The Preliminary Phase should be thought of in terms of defining the following in the enterprise:

  • Where
  • What
  • Why
  • Who
  • How

The key aspects when approaching the Preliminary Phase are:

  • Evaluating the architecture maturity of the enterprise
  • Defining any relationships that exist between management frameworks
  • Defining the framework that will be utilised
  • Defining architecture principles that will drive the architecture work
  • Define the actual requirements for the architecture work
  • Defining the Enterprise
  • Identifying key elements and drivers in the context of the organisation.