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The Architecture Repository

The Architecture Repository is a model used for storing the different types of output produced by the architecture and is conceptually linked to the Enterprise Continuum. The Architecture Repository consists of the following main components:

  • Architecture Meta-model
  • Architecture Landscape
  • Reference Library
  • Standards Information Base (SIB)
  • Governance Log
  • Architecture Capability

Architecture Meta-model
The Architecture Meta-model is used to describe the content meta-model in the form of a architecture method that is specific to the organisation

Architecture Landscape
The Architecture Landscape provides an architectural depiction of the assets being planned or that are currently in use by the architecture at specific points in time (e.g. Past, Present and Future)

Reference Library
The Reference Library contains any architecture work products that are able to be re-used

Standards Information Base (SIB)
The Standards Information Base (SIB) is a directory or database of standards which are able to be used to define a set of specific services and components for the specific architecture of an organisation

Governance Log
The Governance Log is use to capture the result of any activity produced by the governance (e.g. Compliance assessment)