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Preparing a business for change

Enterprise Architecture is a major project within an enterprise / organisations and as such it is important to understand if a business is ready for change.

One method to detect any issues and determine if a business is ready for change is to use what is known as the Business Transformation Readiness Assessment

Business Transformation Readiness Assessment

The Business Transformation Readiness Assessment is an assessment used to determine the readiness of an enterprise or organisation to:

  • Accept change
  • Identify any issues pertaining to change
  • Deal with issues during both the migration and implementation phases via the respective phases plans

The Business Transformation Readiness Assessment is comprised of the following steps:

  1. Determine what factors will impact the business transformation based on the migration from baseline to target architectures.
  2. Create maturity models based on the factors determined in the previous step.
  3. Based on the readiness factors discovered in step 1, rate the factors based on: Readiness Status, Urgency, Degree of difficulty
  4. Assess the risks associated with each readiness factor and create a set of actions to mitigate the risk; Don’t forget to use the Risk Management Technique
  5. Incorporate the actions into the ADM phases E (Opportunities and Solutions) and F (Migration Planning) as well as then migration and implementation plan.