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Phase G – Implementation Governance

The main objective of Phase G or the Implementation Governance Phase is to bring together all of the relevant information pertaining to the various implementation projects – specifically:

  • Ensure that the deployed architecture conforms with the implementation projects
  • Ensure that the actual solution is deployed successfully
  • Generate suggestions for each of the implementation projects
  • Manage and govern an Architecture Contract for the actual implementation and deployment
  • Implement the appropriate governance functions pertaining to the system while it is being deployed and implemented
  • Ensure that any future supporting operations are started.

Phase G or the Implementation Governance Phase is where the association between the architecture and the implementation organisation occurs; this connection is via the Architecture Contract.

To make certain that the Architecture Contract is both competent and effective there are five main aspects of the Governance Framework which should be introduced during Phase G; they are:

  1. Communication
  2. Ensuring processes are as straight forward as necessary
  3. Authority is centered around people
  4. Any responses should be timely with an effective and efficient escalation process.
  5. Aspects should support the organisation structures