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Phase D – Technology Architecture

The objective of Phase D or the Technology Architecture Phase is to define and develop the Technology Architecture that will:

  • Identify any candidate Architecture Road-map components using a gap analysis based on differences between Baseline and Target technology architectures.
  • Enable any physical and logical data and application components as well as the Architecture Vision
  • Address any stakeholder concerns and requests for architecture work

Specifically, the Technology Architecture should be able to describe the current and target views of the technology portfolio. These views should identify the key work components and build a road-map toward the proposed Target Architecture.

When implementing Phase D or the Technology Architecture Phase the architecture team will need to acknowledge any Technology Architecture Resources that are available via the Architecture repository and most importantly, are these resources relevant?

There are a vast array of existing Information Technology Services resources already available – these resources include:

Finally, it is important to understand that new emerging technologies can be a major catalyst for organisations or enterprises seeking to improve their business operations.

Any Technology Architecture should be able to understand and implement any new opportunities that may arise via the adoption of new technology.