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AWS EBS Volume Types

General Purpose SSD – Low latency, cost effective storage good for Development, Test Environments, Virtual Machines (Desktops), Boot Volumes etc. Size between 1 Gigabyte and 16 Terabytes

Provisioned IOPS – Used for mission critical business applications which require sustained IOPS performance (Think Databases) or where the application needs more than 16 000 IOPS. Size between 4 Gigabyte and 16 Terabytes. Supports multi-attach of EBS volumes

Hard Disk Drives – Size from 125 Megabyte to 16 Terabytes and cannot be used for a boot volume. They come in two types of volumes:

1) Throughput Optimised HDD – Used for Data Warehousing, Big Data, Log Processing etc
2) Cold HDD – Used for data that is infrequently accessed such as archived information and where you need the lowest possible cost